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2022 IDEX® California Exam Schedule

Apply for the May 2022 IDEX EXAM by March 1, 2022

Apply for the October 2022 IDEX EXAM by August 1, 2022

If you donít meet the above deadlines, you cannot take the exam until the next time it is given. By that time, you should have already applied for certification and completed your paperwork.

What is the IDEX® California Exam?

IDEX is an acronym for interior design examination. It is the official and only exam required to become a Certified Interior Designer in the state of California.

The exam was written by Castle Worldwide, Inc. (now Scantron) for the California Council for Interior Design Certification (

®California exam is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions, it is closed book and takes 3 hours.

The exam and certification fee is listed on the CCIDC site ď
How to Become a Certified Interior DesignerĒ.

The IDEX®California exam is given during two full months of the year (in May and in October).

To take the IDEX®California exam you must first
apply for Certification on the CCIDC Web site.
Passing the exam will not make you a Certified Interior Designer. You still have to meet CCIDCís other requirements under Path #1, 2 or 3.

Who should take the IDEX®California exam?

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